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Current airdrop burn progress

How to participate

  1. 1. Between April 14 and July 23, 2023, store your NWC tokens in a non-custodial wallet such as NewsCrypto mobile wallet, Ledger, MetaMask, Solar, or any other compatible non-custodial wallet.
  2. 2. You can participate on any chain: Stellar, Ethereum, or BNB Chain; just make sure your wallet meets the minimum deposit amount to qualify for the airdrop: 100 NWC for Stellar and BNB Chain, and 2,000 NWC for Ethereum. The maximum amount for all chains is 200,000 NWC. If your average balance exceeds this amount, only 200,000 NWC will count towards the airdrop.
  3. 3. To reward active users, only wallets with an incoming NWC transaction (deposit) that meets the minimum amount during the airdrop period will qualify.
  4. 4. To prevent bots from participating, your wallet balance mustn't decrease by more than 10% of the average balance at any point during the airdrop period.
  5. 5. Your share of the $1,000,000 reward will be calculated primarily based on the average amount of NWC tokens held on the wallet during the airdrop period. This means that you can join later on as well, but those that join earlier will get more rewards.