Why NewsCrypto.io?

Newscrypto.io is the center point for everyone involved with cryptocurrencies. We are the world’s most innovative crypto project designed to give you all the needed information and tools in one place. We educate our members about the financial world of crypto assets with our unique features, detailed analysis, and our own school program. The main focus of the Newscrypto platform is to solve the problem of finding the right information at the right time and guide people from blindly investing in making rational investment decisions. With our non-ICO project, we aim to be the number one educational platform available for all types of crypto traders.

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Platform Features

Unique Tools

Variety of different platform options that offer our members the edge with professional market insights, time-saving possibilities, vast data access, and first-class trading options..

Expert chart design

User-friendly and professional design which is suitable for beginners as it is for advanced traders to understand and manage them to its peaks.

Market Analysis

Only the best fundamental and technical market analysis to stay updated on what is happening in the crypto world.

Newscrypto School

Everything you need to know about crypto trading and charts from step one through interesting lessons and reward giving tasks.

Smart alerts

Convenient messenger notification option for users to get instant news about desired or unexpected changes enabling them to be one step ahead.

Advanced indicators

Top-notch statistics and integrated information on crypto market research, one click away.


NWC Token


With a total supply of 280 million tokens and built on Stellar, because of stability, speed, and low transaction costs.It will play a key role in our future, the future of Newscrypto.io. One of the most important factors will also be; Token Burning; We will burn 20% of all membership fees hence gaining organic growth, enforcing deflation and gaining increased value of the NWC token.


Exchange listing

Started listing on exchanges.

Platform Development Phase 2

We plan to upgrade and transform our platform completely.

Mentorship offices

We plan to open offices at all major continents locations where we would provide live lessons with advisors and offer mentoring by professionals. This would serve for all people wanting to know more about crypto or those who are eager to take a step further and start on their own crypto entrepreneurship path.

Blockchain Incubator

We intend to offer our own incubator, which will serve our community as an opportunity to start their own blockchain project whilst granting all the support needed. We would provide the development expertise, marketing help and all the know-how for a successful project.

User Tiers




Charts with technical analysis

Coin calendar (coin events)

Altcoin police

Coin tracker


50 NWC

Beginner level plus



Performance indicator

Sentiment indicator


100 NWC

Beginner & intermediate levels

Whale alert


Inflow indicator

Crypto mining

There are three user tiers and each of them caters to a specific user type. The Beginner tier is for people with no or little knowledge about crypto trading. Intermediate level targets junior traders trying to take a step further and lastly Advanced tier which is most suited for professional traders. Our given value grows by the user tier resulting in advanced tier having the strongest contribution to your knowledge and offers the best tools and most information.


Lightpaper v1

Whitepaper v1

Token allocation v1

We give you the EDGE

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