Looking for the most accurate cryptocurrency price predictions?

Look no further! 

Community Predictions is a section on the Newscrypto platform where crypto traders share their ideas about future price movements.

Ideas with the best engagement get rewards in NWC Tokens on a weekly basis!

Get insights for top cryptos or create your own prediction by following this link.

Forecasting crypto prices in this volatile market is no easy job.

Following other traders opinions and ideas is a good start, however doing your own research is crucial for long term success.

Newscrypto platform arms you with needed features for informed and analytical trading.

 Let's have a look at the front side of Community Predictions section…

Green rectangle: 

Here you can find recent predictions made by Newscrypto traders. Each idea consists of chart image, description and user badge. Traders with Intermediate and Advanced badges use advanced options on the Newscrypto platform, their predictions are usually more accurate.

Red rectangle:

Traders shill, flame, and comment on recent crypto topics and news here. Chat is live and integrated with Newscrypto Telegram Chatroom

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Reward pool: 2700 NWC

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Happy trading! NWC Team

How to post your own crypto prediction?

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