Trading tools.

Advanced indicators.

Community predictions.


Trading tools.

Advanced indicators.

Community predictions.

All about crypto in one place

The starting point and GO-TO platform for every crypto trader

Newscrypto School

Learn everything you need to know about crypto and earn great rewards!



Everything you need to know about crypto in general for beginners as well as detailed explanations for advanced traders.
- Charts
- Trading
- Crypto basics
- Reward giving tasks



Variety of different platform options that offer our members the edge in the crypto world.
- Coin tracker
- Airdrops
- News
- Charts
- Coin Calendar (Coin event)



Professional market insights and time-saving possibilities to complement your trading game.
- Arbitrage
- Inflow indicator
- Whale alert
- Correlation
- Sentiment indicator



Section available for members to share their thoughts and predictions and earn token rewards for their engagement.
- Predictions
- Speculations
- Free tokens
- Reputation badges
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The heart of the newscrypto platform is the NWC token, a Stellar Lumen compliant token that underpins all transactions for the newscrypto network. It is used to bind continuously updated and verified technical, environmental and fundamental data from the blockchain to its corresponding product as information for Newscrypto users. To simplify, it carries out transfers of value within the ecosystem. As such, the token has both utility and value-transfer functions within the network of applications build on top of the platform.
Token information
Token name: Newscrypto coin
Symbol: NWC
Total supply: 280000000 Being reduced due to token burning
Issuer key:
Wallet support: Solar / Ledger / Trezor


WHY NEWSCRYPTO? is the starting point for everyone involved with cryptocurrencies. We are a non-ICO project that aims to be the number one educational platform available for all types of crypto traders. Our platform is designed to be the GO-TO place when you are thinking of crypto as we have all the needed information and tools in one place. We educate our members about the financial world of crypto with our own School Program and provide trading advantages with unique tools and special indicators. The main focus of Newscrypto is to guide people from blindly investing to making rational investment decisions and solve the problem of finding the right information at the right time.


  1. Concept and Idea Creation

    2018 Q2

    It all started with an idea. Back in 2015, our young and productive team got involved in crypto trading as a pure hobby. Consequently, all five of our founders have been present in the crypto world for some time now. We would often discuss how we could help our friends, colleagues and ourselves to become better and smarter crypto investors. Having extended financial experience in this field, we started developing our idea and the Newscrypto platform was born.

  2. Why Newscrypto?

    2018 Q4 is the center point for everyone involved with cryptocurrencies. We are the world’s most innovative crypto project designed to give you all the needed information and tools in one place. We educate our members about the financial world of crypto assets with our unique features, detailed analysis, and our own school program. The main focus of the Newscrypto platform is to solve the problem of finding the right information at the right time and guide people from blindly investing in making rational investment decisions. With our non-ICO project, we aim to be the number one educational platform available for all types of crypto traders.

  3. Platform Designed

    2019 Q1

    We are proud of our IT department which consists of experts that all helped with previous crypto projects in areas of design, programing and security. Therefore we are glad to work side by side to make a platform based on Stellar to compete with the best.

  4. Crypto community engagement

    2019 Q2

    We started building the community on social media and other platforms crowded with crypto enthusiasts. Our goal is to have a healthy and supportive community while we tend to encourage our members to engage in conversation about us and crypto in general.

  5. Whitepaper Release

    2019 Q3

    Our written vision and mission to help users be more prosperous and trade better. It is a detailed report of our project to help users understand our platform.

  6. Exchange listing

    2019 Q4

    Started listing on exchanges.

  7. User rewards

    2020 Q1

    Upon finishing our school program you will receive free weekly memberships as a reward. Users will be awarded a free week to see if they can use the knowledge they received in school. More awards will be given out to Community predictions where we will award users that post predictions and get upvotes.

  8. Coming soon tool

    2020 Q2

    There are three “Coming Soon” tools on our platform that we will update in the second quarter of 2020 and we believe they will serve greatly to our users. In beginner tier, Altcoin police will tell you if the project behind the coin you are holding is active. In the Advanced tier, Crypto mining will provide you with the most accurate information available for passive income opportunities with mineable crypto assets and the Correlation tool which will show you how are coins correlated to each other.

  9. Platform Development Phase 2

    2020 Q2

    We plan to upgrade and transform our platform completely.

  10. Smart notifications

    2020 Q3

    We will develop our own platform notification option which will have a choice to notify you whenever something important happens. Even if you are working on something else a notification will pop-up on your screen. Notifications will inform you about crucial crypto information like daily volume and a surge on price so our users will be able to act in time and never miss an opportunity.

  11. Trading platform

    2020 Q4

    Under Intermediate tier we will unlock the Trading tool with which you will have access to the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges on the market directly from our platform and have them gathered all in one place. Users will be able to place buy and sell orders as well as see live charts of the coin they want to purchase.

  12. Mentorship offices

    2021 Q1

    We plan to open offices at all major continents locations where we would provide live lessons with advisors and offer mentoring by professionals. This would serve for all people wanting to know more about crypto or those who are eager to take a step further and start on their own crypto entrepreneurship path.

  13. Blockchain Incubator

    2021 Q4

    We intend to offer our own incubator, which will serve our community as an opportunity to start their own blockchain project whilst granting all the support needed. We would provide the development expertise, marketing help and all the know-how for a successful project.