On-Chain Analytics Tool

All on-chain transactions are publicly viewable, and having access to the right aggregated and organized data can give you quite the edge in trading. Just imagine how useful it would be to know what market participants are doing: whether they’re getting ready to buy the dip or to sell their coins. With our On-Chain Analytics tool, you don’t have to imagine! We gather and aggregate all the crucial on-chain data that can have an impact on the crypto market in one place, making it easier than ever to figure out what the biggest players in the space are doing and how that could impact prices.

By monitoring network activity, you can see what the market is likely to do next and adjust your exposure accordingly. Exchange reserves and netflow data let you know whether a sell-off is probable, while stablecoin data show you how much money is getting ready to step in and buy.

All the key on-chain data:


The tool provides key metrics on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and stablecoins, which by extension tells you about the direction that the entire market is heading. If you spot any unusual exchange flows, don’t forget to share your findings with your friends and give them a heads-up!