How to buy subscription

Before starting this guide, you need to have enough NWC tokens to buy the desired subscription according to our Pricing model.

Step 1:

Follow this link to go to the profile section of the platform:

You will be redirected to a Signup form in case that you do not have a registered account on NewsCrypto platform yet.

Step 2:

Select the NWC coin tab to deposit NWC tokens to your platform balance. Copy your wallet address and memo, paste the data to where you want to withdraw the tokens from, and approve the transaction.

*It will take a minute for tokens to get transferred to your balance.

Step 3:

Upgrade your membership to proby selecting the duration and clicking Submit button.Congratulations, you are now PRO member on NewsCrypto platform, enjoy all the trading features.

NOTE: If you tick the checkbox your subscription will be automatically renewed once the existing one ends.

Below you can see a step by step video explanation on how to buy a subscription.