Holder Rewards

Newscrypto.io is celebrating the listing on 6th exchange and we decided to give something back to the community and NWC holders. We would like to thank everyone that supports our project with investing in the Newscrypto coin. This is why we feel obligated to give something back.

Holder event will last for 10 months, during this time you can earn rewards in exchange for holding a NWC token.

  • Hold 5,000 NWC tokens = get 400 NWC tokens for FREE!
  • Hold 10,000 NWC tokens = get 1,000 NWC tokens for FREE!
  • Hold 20,000 NWC tokens = get 2,300 NWC tokens for FREE!
  • Hold 30,000 NWC tokens = get 3,500 NWC tokens for FREE!
  • Hold 50,000 NWC tokens = get 7,000 NWC tokens for FREE!
  • Hold 75,000 NWC tokens = get 11,000 NWC tokens for FREE!
  • Hold 100,000 NWC tokens = get 20,000 NWC tokens for FREE!
  • Hold 200,000 NWC tokens = get 50,000 NWC tokens for FREE!

All you have to do is buy the number of tokens you want to hold (minimum 5000 NWC) and hold them for 3 months. Once you buy the tokens apply through telegram bot here and you are officially joined in the HOLDER event. You cannot join the event if you bought tokens before the event started. The Holders event starts on March 8th 2020 and it lasts 10 months.

Once you enter the event, make sure you screenshot Trade History that proves you really bought the coins on the chosen exchange. These photos will not be shared with the public, however, you need to show it to the Newscrypto.io staff so they can verify it

We reserve the right to suspend anyone immediately from the event if we suspect the manipulation of Holder rewards rules.

If you have any additional questions regarding the holders event please do not hesitate to contact us on bounty@newscrypto.io or on our official telegram chat .

Thank you again for your support.

NWC team