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NWC is the backbone of NewsCrypto network. Its main utility resides in unlocking access to unique smart money movement analysis in shape of platform features, built upon Stellar blockchain. The platform is an established product with ready to use solutions for profitable crypto trading. The objective is to lead the way of becoming a N°1 platform for trading decisions and enabling cryptocurrency mass adoption.

Name : Newscrypto Coin

Symbol : NWC

Current total supply : 279.991.117 NWC (reduced by the process of token burning)


Listed on : KuCoin, HitBTC, BigONE, Probit, DCoin, Cat.Ex.


NWC carries out transfers of value within the ecosystem, as such the token has both utility and value-transfer functions within the network. Unique smart contract empowers community driven ecosystem which grants NWC to be an effective trading tool and an attractive asset for investors.

Organic NWC price growth is guaranteed due to the process of burning which is lowering the total supply. Smart contract burns – permanently removes 20% of value from each paid subscription on the platform.

Apart from burning, the accumulated funds from subscriptions are used to engage new users, reward active members and develop new solutions which provokes a mutually beneficial outcome to everyone involved. Refer to the chart below.

NWC Events:

To boost the growing demand, Newscrypto creates events to attract new users (investors) and reward existing holders. Staking possibilites provide returns with average 10% ROI in 3 months. Check links below for active events:


  • To grow even bigger community

  • To lead our way of becoming N°1 crypto platform

  • To reach into top 100 crypto projects

  • To maximize users and holders ambitions

NWC price projection:

Paid memberships:

Total supply:

NWC coin price:

This charts shows no marketing impact. Since newscrypto is also investing their income into marketing activities all these numbers could be multiplied because non all will buy nwc for memberships but also as an asset for investement.