Ai Price Sentiment Tool

The cryptocurrency market is heavily influenced by the sentiment on social media, as one tweet from the famous Elon Musk can swing the price of some coin by tens of percent in mere hours. You can use it to your advantage by catching the trend before the masses but constantly checking all news outlets manually can become extremely time consuming and inefficient.

With the help of AI, this tool predicts the price of the chosen cryptocurrency for the close of the selected timeframe. First, the algorithm analyzes various news sources and outlets such as Twitter to determine the sentiment of the market around a certain token. With the help of sentiment data, the AI algorithm then predicts the closing price of the cryptocurrency with an average accuracy rate between 70% and 90%, depending on other market forces.



  • - Stay ahead of the market trends
  • - Track the influence of news on a particular coin
  • - See the prediction of how the price will close in the selected timeframe, according to our AI


“I love this tool! It saves me so much time I can use more productively instead of constantly making sure i’m up-to-date” - Erika Santo

“I can’t believe how accurately it can predict the price. Definitely worth keeping an eye on it when leaving your positions open through the night.” - Vito Hyde

Our AI sentiment price prediction tool is one of a kind – currently there’s nothing like it on the market! To unlock a cutting edge advantage over the rest of the crypto market, purchase the professional NewsCrypto membership as the AI sentiment analysis tool is a part of the professional suite which you can gain access to HERE .