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Staking is the best way to maximize your holdings that are otherwise sitting in your wallet! NWC user and holder satisfaction is our utmost priority at NewsCrypto – in this spirit we are rewarding users that decide to stake NWC tokens.

NWC staking offer lockup period from 3 to 12 months and APY that ranges between 4% and 15%.

You can stake either on the platform or on the NewsCrypto mobile app, and the terms outlined below are the same for both options.

Disclaimer: The minimal amount of NWC required for staking in each tier is periodically adjusted based on the market price of NWC, while the staking APY will remain constant. Note that, if you stake NWC and the minimum amount subsequently goes above your staked amount, this will not affect you and you will still receive the same reward at the end of the staking period. It is not possible to un stake coins before the staking period expires.

Every user that stakes get rewarded in two ways:

  1. Rewards for locking NWC for a desired time period
  2. Free NewsCrypto Subscription based on the chosen staking package.

We created a dedicated page to staking, visit it here: Staking program

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