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NWC is a crosschain token meaning that it can be transferred between XLM, ERC and BSC blockchains.

You can transfer NWC tokens between blockchain in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Go to the swap page and connect your wallet

First, you need to go to the swap website, which can be accessed from our homepage or directly through this link. You will be prompted to connect your Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain wallet, which simply allows the website to view your public address. Click confirm.

Step 2: Select sending and destination chains

Then, select the chain from which you are sending and the chain of the receiving wallet.

Step 3: Input quantity

Simply enter the number of NWC tokens that you want to swap.

Step 4: Input receiving address

Enter the address of the wallet to which you are sending the swapped tokens and click continue.

Step 5: Check the data you entered

On the next screen, check that all the data you entered is correct and click continue.

Step 6: Send tokens / Approve transaction

If you’re sending from Stellar, you will be shown an address on the sending chain to which you need to send the quantity of tokens that you entered before. Send the tokens to this address from your wallet, the same way that you would for any other transaction.

If you’re sending from Ethereum or BSC, your wallet will prompt you to approve the transfer of NWC, and then to interact with the smart contract. Click confirm on both transactions and select the appropriate gas fee based on how quickly you want the swap to be completed.

Step 7: Done!

You’re done, simple as that! Usually you will get the swapped tokens on the receiving wallet in under a minute or two, but this depends on the congestion of the sending and receiving blockchains. In case both blockchains are experiencing unusually high levels of traffic, this can take longer.

NOTE: Maximum swap per user is currently set at 10 000 NWC per user per day.

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