Whale Alert

Understanding what''s happening in the market is key for successful day trading, especially in the crypto market. It’s not an easy task and it can be especially nerve-wracking when whales (individuals or institutions with huge amounts of capital) destroy your predictions or entry/exit points by radically shifting the price of your precious tokens in mere seconds.

Because we’ve seen many traders struggle from the influence of whales, we’ve decided to tackle the problem ourselves. After thorough market analysis and experimenting with different options, we’ve come up with a simple solution – a whale alert trading tool that automatically tracks big crypto movements.

Tracking across all popular crypto exchanges: Binance, Bitstamp, Huobi, Bitmex, Binance futures, Okex, Bybit, FTX and Kraken

Choosing between different time frames to reinforce your trading style

Incorporated detecting and displaying different tiers of whales – from $10.000 baby sharks to cross-ocean whales that can wipe out your earnings in seconds.

Audio alerts for easier and faster comprehension

Color graded buy and sell orders depending on the size of the whale – easily differentiate between impactless splashes and potentially dangerous waves that can sink your trading ship

Interactive charts that highlight whale movements of the past and their impact on the price for smarter decisions in the future

It’s available for free – start tracking whale movements today!

Our whale alert is already helping thousands of users keep their boats afloat and make trading decisions that avoid the influence of whales.


“The whale alert saved my sorry ass a couple of times when I was just about to do a trade on Binance. Thank god I checked before entering.” - Chinyelu Liang

“I got so frustrated from whales wrecking my positions I scoured the web for a solution. This is hands down the best one and I can’t believe they’re offering it for free.” - Mladen Iglesias


Often, a tool like this can cost tens or even hundreds of dollars per month but on our platform, we offer it for free as a part of the basic tool set anyone can access with a free account on our platform. Access whale alert and all other free features here .