Fundamental Analysis Reports

When doing research on a potential gem of a coin that will 10X your investment, you often have to go through piles of documentation to grasp what the project is really about and to understand all the gritty details that could make or break a project. For an experienced crypto trader, this can eat up precious time he could be using more productively for his trades and someone just starting out in crypto often doesn’t even know what to look for.

To aid newcomers on our platform and to save time for crypto veterans, our NewsCrypto analysts read and analyze the documentation and other data of various crypto projects and prepare full fundamental analysis reports. These reports cover everything from upgrades on Bitcoin and Ethereum to innovative new DeFi protocols.


Project history and background

Project fundamentals explained in easily understandable non-technical terms

Key benefits, solutions and advantages over potential competition

Tokenomics which portray the important supply and demand characteristics

High time frame chart for understanding the current stage of the project


“I’m pretty new to crypto and these reports help me out a bunch! It feels like getting a headstart on understanding what a token is all about.” - Sibylle Cline

““With the help of these FA reports I’ve dazed quite a few pals by showing off how much I understand about crypto fundamentals. Thanks so much!” - Jacob Berntsen


The fundamental analysis reports are a part of the toolset we offer in the premium membership which you can unlock here . For all the users on our basic platform, we offer a free preview of the FA reports. Get the latest FA report here and save yourself the time and hassle of fundamental research.