1. NewsCrypto App Pre-register phase

We are excited to share the NWC Pre-register phase with you! Sign up and be one of the first users to test the NewsCrypto Mobile app.

After sign up, you will receive an email with more details about the upcoming App. Share with friends and allow them early access. 

Pre-register here: https://newscrypto.io/app-pre-register

2. NewsCrypto Blog updates and redesign

The Team has presented a brand new and updated blog. The purpose of the blog is to enable users to track the progress and activities at ease. A new blog is available at the same link.

Blog categories include Media, Articles, How-to-Crypto episodes, Project development updates...

Find out more here: https://newscrypto.io/blog/

3. Trading Simulator 2.0 - Trading competition end

A 5-day trading competition is ended and winners have been announced. Special congratulations go to: Lokis, Tradeliner, and Abihidayat - winners will share a $1000 reward.

The next version of the Trading Simulator is already in development and it will include even more features than the 2.0 version. We will include leverage trading options as well as accounts that will track overall profitability, shadow trading options, and much more.

More trading competitions are coming up in the future.

You can always practice your skills using the simulator here: https://platform.newscrypto.io/trading-simulator/

4. Market Price report: ETH

Will ETH cross $500? Study the analysis from experts below to find out:


The report covers:

- Ascending Triangles

- Descending Broadening Wedges

- Ranging Price Action

- Bullish Market Structures

- Double Bottom Structures

- Bearish Divergences

- Rising Wedges

5. How-to-Crypto: Technical Analysis Basics

Master the essentials of Technical Analysis for free. Every trader must master these terms for success. The education lessons cover Support/Resistance lines, Breakouts, Moving averages, and more.

The report is written by Blockchain Wayne and curated by the NWC Analysts, New edition of the report coming out on Tuesday! 

Read TA episode here: https://newscrypto.io/blog/basic-of-technical-anaylsis

6. Weekly Crypto Report by Blockchain Wayne

Recap of the most important events from the crypto market presented by Blockchain Wayne. Dive in and find out how to leverage this information using the NewsCrypto platform.

The episode covers silk road bitcoins, CZ&Vitalik, Moon-lines, and more...

Tune in here: https://youtu.be/CJqiJU9VY5Q