Newscrypto is announcing the blast cryptocurrency traders and blockchain industry anticipated for a long time. NWC Platform V2 is rolling out on the 19.5.2020.

Why are we doing this?

The world as we know it is rapidly changing as one of the greatest economic crises takes place. Big changes mean room for innovation and there's something huge in the corner waiting to be unleashed.

As we know for a fact, mass adoption takes time, knowledge, and information. Time will pass, who's going to provide the knowledge and information…?

UPDATES: New indicators, Predefined charts, NWC Holding options, Video market summaries, Blog, simplified subscriptions, Gifts, Updated school program... Read more below.

Newscrypto is a blockchain-linked ecosystem that combines everything crypto-related to form the best virtual place for rational investing and learning. NWC Token is the medium that connects the ecosystem and enables its users to maximize their potential; as effective trading and investing option.

The product is the platform containing essential and PRO trading features, price speculation section, and a step-by-step academic program partnered with KuCoin Exchange which makes you a pro in the shortest time possible. 

As crypto gains momentum, Newscrypto rapidly approaches 100 000 end-users. Let's see what to expect in the latest update:


Currently, there are +25 features available to implement in your trading strategy. Hashrate vs price indicator will be added to FREE (Beginner tier) and the RSI Bitcoin flow indicator to the Intermediate Tier. You will be able to spot the correlation between BTC hash rate /BTC price in real-time, compare their historical movements, and consequently predict future price more accurately. Bitcoin RSI is a technical indicator that indicates the asset being 'overbought' or 'oversold'. Put simply, this feature narrows the options if BTC price will go up or down in the short time frame (Read more about RSI in our education program). More indicators will be added in the following weeks!

Predefined charts? Yes, top Newscrypto traders have drawn support and resistance which hint you where to place your orders to maximize the profits. They are suitable for beginners to teach them how to draw lines correctly as well as experts to save their time. Predefined charts will be available for the top 10 cryptos, adding more soon!


No need for re-purchasing subscription every week or month, what a relief! Pick the subscription package that suits you best, load NWC tokens on the platform and we will automatically renew your subscription if the balance is sufficient. This option also allows you to HODL NWC on your preferred crypto platform!

NOTE: You can withdraw your tokens from the platform anytime!

New Gift mode in the profile section allows you to surprise your crypto friends with subscriptions and sending NWC Tokens directly to their platform wallet! Few clicks and the job is done!


Everybody loves short and on-point analysis, right? NWC Platform dashboard will feature video crypto analysis, constructed by professional trader and presented by one of our team members. Latest price actions, breaking news, staking opportunities and much more will be covered in less than 2 min session! 


The easiest way to kick-off your trading career. Together with KuCoin, we have developed a series of lessons which guide you through essentials to advanced trading options. There are interactive tasks at the end of each lesson waiting to be solved, every trader gets a Newscrypto trading diploma and rewards in form of trading fee discounts on KuCoin Exchange.


Platform look has been refurbished in colors and design – feel and workflow remain the same! Newscrypto Blog has been added to the platform's toolbar, so you can easily access updates and the latest happening. The blog will cover FAQ, NWC Coin, Crypto Predictions, Crypto School, and Media Topics!

We are excited to see what you think about the latest platform update!

Stay tuned until 19.5.2020!

NWC Team

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