Always stay up to date with the market with NewsCrypto📊

Keeping track of prices in such a fast-paced market demands a lot of time, so we’ve decided to simplify that with multiple customizable alerts, and they’re not just limited to prices!

There are four kinds of alerts that are available in the app v2.0: price alerts, MA alerts, listing alerts and Ethereum gas fee alerts.

◼️ Price Alerts, the simplest and most widely used. There are many cases where this comes in handy: if you’re waiting for a dip, but don’t want to just set buy orders in case the market has a deeper correction and need to see how the candle closes, then you can set an alert and see what the chart looks like when it’s triggered.

The same works for selling opportunities, of course, and it enables you to keep track of everything without staring at the charts for too long.

◼️ Moving averages (MAs) are another crucial tool for trading, and one of the best tactics for finding an entry in a bull market is to wait for the price to retest an MA. But just setting a bid can be hard here, as you can’t know in advance where the MA will be. This is where the MA alerts come in: just set the length of the MA you want, and you’ll get an alert when the price touches it, it’s that simple! No matter what you’re doing at the time, you’ll never miss an entry again.

◼️ When it comes to exchange listings, we all know how much of an impact they can have on the price of a newly listed token, and now you’ll find out about a listing the very moment it happens! Simply choose the token and the exchange that you’re hoping will list it, and you’ll get an alert when the listing goes live.

Last but not least, Ethereum gas fee alerts will make sure that you never overpay for a transaction again. Set an alert for when the gas fee drops to your specified level, and you’ll be immediately notified so you can send your transaction with the lowest fee possible!

Overall, the goal of our alerts is to free up as much of your time as possible and give you the best info, regardless of where you are or what you’re doing. Just set your alerts, sit back and wait for the market to come to you!

NewsCrypto App2.0 has just been released yesterday! Get hands on smart alerts and brand new features by following the links below.