The completely redesigned and upgraded NewsCrypto app v2.0 will be released on March 31st.

The next generation crypto app will be out in five days, so let’s dig into some of the features.

The user experience of the app has been greatly improved, with a personalized look of the app as well as the charts. You will be able to choose different themes, candlestick colors, and more.

But the main focus will be on utility.

Tracking the markets, your portfolio, news and trends will be easier and smoother than ever.

An improved community predictions page and new games will enable you to earn NWC simply by playing and interacting with the community.

The NWC token is the backbone of our app. You can swap between NWC and in-app credits, which you can earn in the app and use to unlock extra features.

We’re also going to enable staking NWC directly on the app! 

In spite of all these new additions, we still need to stress that this isn’t the final stop on our road to make the NewsCrypto app the leading crypto app in the space.

To give you a feel for what the app will look like, we’ll also present one new feature each day leading up to the release.

The first one is the MA alerts option. Never miss the perfect entry again with custom alerts for when the price touches an MA!

We are just getting started!