Are you checking crypto prices multiple times per day?📈

If the answer is yes, then you have to try out the rebranded Markets and Favourites section in the NewsCrypto App2.0.

These two sections allow you to keep track with the market at ease!

MARKETS: Get an overview of cryptocurrencies sorted by total market cap.

At the top of the Markets, there is a tab that displays detailed information into total crypto market cap, 24h volume, and Bitcoin dominance.

FAVORITES: Select your favourite cryptocurrencies and track them from dashboard at ease.

A click on the particular crypto will take you to a coin tab that displays the price at different timeframes, market cap ranking, 24h highs and lows, available supply and coin market pairs.

A brand new chart look and feel was introduced with the latest App2.0 update😎

You can choose between Linear and Candle chart views and colour the candles in three different modes: General (green&red), NewsCrypto (blue&grey) and Lambo (violet&orange).

FILTER: A click on the menu button on the right top corners opens up the filtering section. There you can filter assets based on the 24h market cap and volume.

Be sure to smash that download button in store and get hands on numerous other NewsCrypto app features. 

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We are always available in NewsCrypto chatroom if you need any kind of help when exploring the app. 

Yours, NWC Team