Everyone wants to have the best info on the market, but most traders don't have enough time for research and usually take decisions based on what other traders are doing. 

To help you become a better trader, we're publishing weekly technical and fundamental coin analysis reports, freeing up your time and giving you the information you need. 

All analysis can be found in one place, in the Newscrypto app!

📈 Technical Analysis (TA) - These reports enable you to spot high probability trades and understand the logic behind successful trading decisions. 

Simple and advanced trading strategies are explained on examples in a simple language for everyone to grasp. 

NewsCrypto team posts a weekly community poll where traders decide which coin they want to see analyzed and then conduct a detailed technical analysis.

For each report, a free preview version is available in app TA section and you can purchase the full report with 100 credits. 

📊 Fundamental Analysis (FA) - These reports take a deep dive into all available information about particular crypto asset/company and determine whether the asset is overvalued or undervalued. 

Basically, we read and analyse the project's documentation so you don't have to - this will help you to decide whether to invest or not to invest in the project. 

Currently, you can choose among 10 FA reports that are available totally for free in the NewsCrypto App FA reports. 

We are always opened to explore new projects and their use cases, so feel free to connect with us here  and propose projects we should analyse. 

In case you are not NewsCrypto app user yet, feel free to download the app here!