NewsCrypto Roadmap


Our Roadmap is based on the adoption curve and the diffusion of innovations curve. With successive groups of consumers adopting the new technology (shown in dark blue), its market share (light blue) will eventually reach the saturation level.

The dark blue curve is broken into sections of adopters. We are on a mission to serve and support every consumer on that path at a specific point in time.

Therefore we were and will be creating products for them to make their daily crypto routines better, easier and more profitable.


Goddess of Childbirth and Family

Juno is the queen of the gods that is associated with the creative power of life and youthfulness.


The phase of the goddess Juno illustrates the birth of the idea behind the project and the creation of the coin. During this period, the team presented its vision and expanded its network around the world. The platform and the first educational tools on it were first made publicly available to the crypto community.

Meanwhile, the best crypto educators started compiling educational content and built an Academy that put NewsCrypto at the very top of the industry.