Mobile Wallet

NWC wallet enables you to Receive, Send and Store NWC tokens securely in a mobile wallet wherever you are.


making NWC transactions available to everyone and on all our devices.

Receive, Send and Store NWC
Full transactions information and history
Custom settings for an account
Smart filters

Future updates

Staking – Users will be able to stake NWC tokens directly from the mobile wallet

Adding new coins – integration for all major cryptos and all XLM tokens

Enterprise-grade security

As with all cryptocurrencies, security is a top priority. NWC wallet encrypts your private keys and transaction data on your device so that no one can access your cryptocurrency but you. Only you have access to your private keys and your NWC. The wallet is protected with an advanced PIN, face ID, or fingerprint authenticators.

100% free and Open Source

The wallet is free to use and the code is open for all to review and contribute to.

24/7 Support

We are always available to help you with using the Wallet, resolving problems, and cooperating on improvement recommendations: [email protected]