About NWC Token

The NewsCrypto token (NWC) is the native token of the NewsCrypto ecosystem, which offers a comprehensive set of indicators, educational resources and entertainment for everyone from novice traders to experts in crypto.

The project aims to offer everything that a crypto trader needs in one place, while also creating a community-focused ecosystem where users can learn from each other and earn NWC for posting quality content.

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Name: Newscrypto Coin

Symbol: NWC

Current total supply: 0 NWC (reduced by the process of token burning)

Issuer key


ETH: 0x968f6f898a6df937fc1859b323ac2f14643e3fed

BSC: 0x968f6f898a6df937fc1859b323ac2f14643e3fed

Token Utility

Traders and investors use the token to access a set of highly profitable trading features, stake NWC and redeem rewards for participation in the network. NWC unlocks access to the online platform, which is focused on interactive education on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency trading, as well as for additional features on the NewsCrypto mobile app, which also includes entertainment (i.e. crypto games) and a community section apart from educational resources and market tracking software.


NWC carries out transfers of value within the ecosystem, as such the token has both utility and value-transfer functions within the network. Its max supply is fixed at 280 million tokens, while 20% of all subscription fees are automatically burned, constantly reducing the circulating supply.

The token has a hard cap of 280 million NWC and it follows a deflationary model, with 20% of all subscription fees being automatically burned by a smart contract.

Apart from the platform membership fees, the token is also used for transfers of value and awards to community members for their contribution to the ecosystem. Its growth is entirely driven by the community, as NewsCrypto is completely self-funded and therefore independent of any external capital, which means that everyone is incentivized to act in the best interest of the entire community and to provide trustworthy and valuable content.

In order to show the long-term nature of our vision for NewsCrypto, we've committed not to sell a single token from the company wallet at least until 2028, and this can always be verified here.


At NewsCrypto, user and token holder satisfaction is of utmost importance. We reward all users that decide to hold NWC on the platorm in two ways; staking rewards and free NewsCrypto membership.

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