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We created a platform

That provides traders with access to a set of highly effective tools for profitable exchange trading.



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The mission of

Is to provide traders and investors with a set of highly profitable, blockchain-based financial instruments.

The crypto community

We provide the crypto community with powerful information and support, which allows them to receive and process trading signals several times more efficiently.


NewsCrypto is a stable, self-funded project, with a working product, which is one of the best investment assets in the blockchain sphere.

Primary features

Knowledge-sharing is generously rewarded.



We are financing the project.

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Free world-class education: from a beginner to  an experienced trader. Jump in right now.

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Your profitable deals

At your disposal unique indicators, trading motivation, access to airdrops, and arbitrage.

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NWC Token

An effective investment tool, built on a reliable deflation model and based on the stable demand of a large platform.

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Trading community

Collective forecasts and effective trading strategies, knowledge sharing, and support at each level.

Newscrypto Platform is a Working Product

OvOver the past few years, NewsCrypto has been consistently creating its own platform, which in 2020 is a comprehensive system in the crypto trading field.

The platform is a blockchain-trading project of the highest level. Our initial aim was to develop it without the involvement of external investors.


Today, the NewsCrypto platform enables new users to actively engage in the use of the main blockchain services and earn money on cryptocurrency exchange trading.

The heart of the NewsCrypto platform

is the NWC token

a Stellar Lumen compliant token that underpins all transactions for the NewsCrypto network.

  • The economy of the NewsCrypto platform has made the NWC token a multifunctional means of payment, remuneration, and accumulation.

  • The token provides access to the system’s payouts, bonuses, and it provides an opportunity to quickly develop an internal ecosystem.

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We burn


of the membership fees.

With a significant increase in demand

and limited supply, NWC has become one of the most attractive tokens for investing with stable organic growth.

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Decisive Steps

In Development Of NewsCrypto


User rewards system


New tools and indicators release in Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance section


Private chat option


  • Forum

  • New tools and indicators release in Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance section

  • Crypto alarm


Demo trading


Platform App release


Instant trading platform

What users say?

NewsCrypto is so far the most comprehensive tool I've encountered in the crypto industry, both for savvy traders and new-comers. Simple, friendly & easy to use!

Elad Mor (Founder & CEO at MarketAcross)

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You can make money with ease trading cryptocurrencies ‎with the Newscrypto. Get inside into this cool place and discover the full benefits of this one.

Pierce Gilbert

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I use all the functions in the Advanced block of the platform, and get all signals immediately! Thanks

Melvyn Kelly

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